Entertainment & Service

Cali Group

Cali Group provides diverse services for its members all over the world, from global entertainment, five-star shopping experience to other luxury services. Cali Group provide the members with prominent identity to enjoy the exclusive privileges.

BIB Solutions believes images speak louder than words. To deliver a valued brand positioning to its target visitors, we proposed an official website representing its luxurious quality and unique of the brand to both their VIPs and potential customers.

The Solution

Cali Group emphasises the importance to bring a luxury and unforgettable enjoyment to its members. To consist with this brand image, the whole website is coloured in black and gold. We design a "door opening animation" to welcome the guests who are desiring for a royal entertainment experience. Unlike traditional layout, irregular grid is used in showing the images and information. Through this treatment, the content can be shown in a fun and clear way, which would surely add a little extra flavour to the site.

Unlike desktop version, we suggest Cali Group to aim at recruiting new members in mobile version. The content would be extracted and the visual effect is simplified to provide a user-friendly experience for the visitors.

What we did

- Planning
- UX & UI Design
- Website Design & Development
- Content Management System