BIB Solutions

We always believe in better.

BIB Solutions is a full service creative digital agency based in Hong Kong specializing in branding, mobile & web development, digital marketing, network security and printing.

We can help you with:


Your brand identity is how your business wants to be perceived by consumers. Consistent and functional branding ensures your company will be well recognized, remembered and respected.

Web Design

Every web design is customized as per your needs and requirements. We build tailored websites that help capture your audience’s attention with the best user experience.

Digital Marketing

A well-schemed digital marketing strategy, including SEO will increase traffic to your website and bring consistent high-potential customers. We can help analyse and raise your digital presence by knowing about your business and making marketing plans for you, which will boost your business development.

App Development

In such an era of mobile Internet, a user-friendly and exclusive app will bridge you and your customers. We, experts of app development, will cater for your requirements and lay down this bridge for you.

Network Security

Safeguarding your business from malicious threats is crucial to your commercial success. We can help you maintain your reputation whilst sustaining your growth.


Printing materials, as one of the traditional promotional methods, may not be a preferred option today. Yet, under the right and smart marketing strategy, they work like a charm in actual practice.

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